Keeping in touch

We seek to showcase the very best as it relates to quality output; hence the importance to have on board the very best quality Announcers. Each segment is designed based on the expectation of the station. However, it is also geared toward the personality of the assigned Announcer.

Each day is very important to us and so we seek to highlight each day on its own merit. It means therefore that the schedule for each day is organized carefully with our listeners in mind and based on the expertise of our on-air announcers. Each Announcer prepares each day with a focus to reach individual listeners based on their individual and collective needs and interests.

There is always a possibility for intern Announcers who are being trained in the said field at an institution that is recognized and accredited.

The Overflow

Announcer: Markland “Action” Edwards

Heart of Gold

Announcer: Anya-Jean Phillips

The Spotlight

Announcer: Markland “Action” Edwards

The Gospel Beat

Announcer: Neison Williams

Arise JA

Announcer: Kevin Lewis

The Gospel Light

Announcer: Ava-Gay Blair

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